Scorm Easy Admin is the aspirin to cure all your SCORM headaches!

Purchase Scorm Easy Admin The one stop solution for all your scorm needs.

Simplify your scorm cloud administration. No more obscure or missing features. Control all the power of the scorm cloud in one simple app.

Manage all scorm courses and registration in your LMS(s) in one place. Add, remove, update, or delete user registrations or courses without fighting with your LMS or getting lost in a myriad of options.

Tired of building integrated third party systems to show your student stats? Generate accurate reports based on real-time, up to the minute scorm data.


Scorm Easy Admin In Action


Simple Course Management

Working with Courses in Scorm Toolkit


Painless Registrations

Viewing Registrations in Scorm Toolkit


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Scorm Easy Admin

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